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Tips for your preparation

Target oriented labor

  • Only Labor: Gives you 30–40 % success
  • Target oriented labor: Provides 70% success
  • That means: You should know where to read and how much to read and not to waste time reading unnecessary things which are least asked.

Methods to improve your memory

  • Try to correlate the things and remember rather than purely mugging
  • Groustudy or couple study
  • Recalling every night
  • Booster revisions: Should be done before you totally forget the matter (i.e. in short interval)
  • Mnemonics: Good but should be limited.

Regularly Assess Yourself

Most of the students assess their preparation directly at the exam hall which is absolutely worst method of assessing. You should assess your standard on daily basis and modify your preparation style according to the requirement. You can do that by:
  • Group study: Comparing yourself with your friends.
  • Self-assessment by recalling every night (last two hours post dinner)
  • Grand test: Assess whether studying is reflected in the performance or not. You can compare yourself with students throughout India.

Role of Grand test

  • Helps in assessing yourself
  • Any trials and errors can be attempted in grand tests and whichever experiment is successful can be executed in main exam
  • To learn time adjustment
  • To enhancguessing ability
  • To improve self-confidence
  • To compare your performance with others.