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Essentials of Medical Microbiology Faculty Discussion Forum

This is a dedicated Microbiology Faculty Forum to discuss:

  • Microbiology Teaching - Stress on Clinical Microbiology while teaching, Change needed in Syllabus, teaching methodology, Assessment methodology, how to arouse interest among students the Microbiology.
  • Research in Medical Microbiology.
  • Newer Diagnostics in Medical Microbiology.
  • Advanced and newer Topics needed for MBBS students - H1N1, Ebola, Polio eradication, ESBL, VRSA, VRE, automations and molecular methods in microbiology etc.

First time in the medical books history, textbook is written in a PG entrance oriented way so that the matter of text book would not differ a lot from a PG entrance guide (the current major problem with all other Indian UG text books). Also this book bridges the gap between Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology, so that it helps in arousing interest among students for Microbiology.